QuiSentials Tips

How to Keep:
  • Always keep your products in cool, dark places so they lasts longer
  • Facial Mists are best kept in the fridge, or in a cool area. This makes the product last longer and also makes for a refreshing mid-day pick me up
  • Bath salts and Body scrubs shouldn't be left in showers or tub side; can make products unstable. Remember these are natural, not commercial grade with lots of preservatives or chemicals
  • Always apply products with clean hands

How to Use:

  • Body butters & body oils can be applied after your bath or shower. Body butters melt in contact with skin, so a little goes a long way; this is especially true if using as beard balm (whole snack, whole king and whole meal)
  • For bath salts, you can add as little or as much as you please but 4 tbs is a good place to start
  • Lip scrubs are best applied with a soft small tooth brush, but you can always use a couple fingers. Rinse off with cool or luke warm water then pat dry lips.
  • Body oils can be used for all over moisture or a massage. Use as much as you would like. *****Although all essential oils are pure, none of the oils are for ingestion or internal use*****

How to test for allergies: