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Relax, Relate, Release

Relax, Relate, Release

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Experience ultimate relaxation with the Relax, Relate, Release oil. Our special blend of Lavender, Mint, Rose, Sage, Eucalyptus, and Clove Oil is designed to promote mental clarity, provide antioxidant benefits, and offer relief from soreness, stress, cramps and mental fatigue.

The Intention: We call from the unified field of Oneness, to support us as we journey in grace with ourselves and others. May we embrace our feelings wholly, and accept where we are and what has brought us here. We release patterns, thoughts, energies and behaviors that no longer serve us. And so it is!

The Use: For best use on the day of the Full moon and the two days after. This can be used after a shower, a long hard day or as a bath oil. Take a paper and pen with you and write your heart away

Writing Prompt: In what ways have you shown up for yourself in the past week? The day? How can you better accept yourself? Who are you when you are relaxed? What thoughts come up for you when you hear the phrase "you are safe to release?"

The Magic: Rose- Venus, Water element, love, intuition, feminine energy, Isis. Clove-Fire, Jupiter, money, protection, release negative energies. Sage-Jupiter, Air element, wisdom, wishes, longevity. Lavender-mercury, sleep, purification, happiness, peace.

The Skin:

Give your body some release!

Reduce the sag, dead skin & increase circulation
Balance & relaxation, eliminate toxins
Induce calm & better sleep

Comes in 4 oz amber bottle. Larger sizes coming soon.
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Customer Reviews

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Does what it says

My days are by, was having problems relaxing. My friend told me bout this. I put it on like lotion. Smells good AF! Had some sleep for a change.