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Strawberry Matcha

Strawberry Matcha

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Strawberries? Green Tea? What's not to love? QuiSentials Strawberry Matcha Body Butter is packed with the essentials that includes the powerful antioxidants that green tea gives to your skin, and it feels amazing!

Green Tea has been used on the skin for years and years. Get you a jar and you will see why that is the case.

Let's talk benefits:

Matcha Green Tea 

Reduces puffiness, redness in addition to the antioxidant effect to fight aging, clogged pores and its also gently exfoliates. Love the sun but the sun don't love you? Green tea also provides protection. 


What's it smell like? It includes strawberry, mint and eucalyptus essential oils. 

How's it feel? It goes on with a cool sensation and the moisture lasts all day thanks to the coconut oil.


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