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A Whole King

A Whole King

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Experience the ultimate in skincare with QuiSential's A Whole King, a specially crafted Men's Body Butter. This luxurious product combines the powerful oils of Neroli, Cypress, and Pine to provide nourishment for your skin. Feel invigorated and hydrated with its natural ingredients, protecting your body from the elements.

This butter ships well in any weather

The Intention: We call from the unified field of Oneness to assist us in our quest for confidence. We acknowledge all of our gifts and are grateful. We accept the challenges knowing in them we are made stronger. May we rise above our mental and expand our spirit bodies. And so it is!

The Magic: Neroli-shield for inner being, new beginnings. Cypress-healing, comfort, rebirth, longevity. Pine-Air element, money, release negative energies, fertility, masculine energy, Mars influence.

The Use: Everyday body moisture or when you can use some self assurance and strength in communication.

The Skin:


Reduce Stress & Rejuvenate skin cells


Perfect for cleansing your skin to reduce bumps from close shaves


Can aid in healing wounds, cuts and burns. Soothes inflammation and helps control perspiration


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