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A Whole Meal

A Whole Meal

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Unleash your inner risk-taker with QuiSentials A Whole Meal. This multitasking essential acts as a beard balm, hair moisturizer, and refreshing scent. With invigorating essential oils and a daring aroma, elevate your grooming game with QuiSentials.

Intention: We call on our guardian angels and guides to support us on our quest for fulfillment. We awaken in us the desire to shift, and embrace and recognize the synchronicities taking place before us. Let our knowledge for more lead us to our higher purpose.

Writing Prompt: In what ways have I changed over the past year? How have these changes affecting the way I feel about me? In what ways do I wish to represent my truest self?

The Magic: Bay Leaf-Sun element, Fire, strength, protection, intuition, purification and healing. Teakwood-auspicious blessings, holy wood, positive energies. Fennel-Masculine, Mercury, Fire.

The Skin:

Bay Leaf

Used to minimize acne, blemishes and rejuvenates skin


Healing oil on skin and also support hair growth; thicken up your beard.


Fights stress and prevents damage to skin cells


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