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Bad n Boujee

Bad n Boujee

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Indulge in QuiSentials Bad n Boujee Body Butter, the perfect all-over moisturizer for the diva who dominates any room. Nourishing and beautifully fragrant, it's the ideal balance of essentials and scent for embodying both your Bad and Boujee sides. (Get ready to slay.)

  This butter ships well in any weather

Intention: We call on the power of our spirit guides assigned to us for our highest good. We ask for support and nourishing light to illuminate our paths. Prepare for us space in every room we are to walk in, well before we even enter. We thank you for our leadership skills. And so it is!

The Magic: Neroli-Hope, new beginnings, hope. Cherry Blossom-love, divination, Water element. 

Writing Prompt: Where did you learn that what you wanted was "too much?" What statements come to mind when you think about what you deserve? "I deserve _______"

The Skin:


Neroli - sweet orange blossom that treats redness & dryness

Cherry Blossom - clarifies uneven skin tone with this beautiful rich floral scent

Lady Fragrance Oils: Scents that put you in the mind of Pink, Embrace, Amethyst and other lady fragrances.

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Customer Reviews

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meylin Barrera

This one smells amazing omg. It smells sweet and delicious ouuu. It's so hydrating and smooth when applied on the skin. My friends have told me my hands feel so soft and it's because of this. Thank You again!

Get this!!!

Bad N Boujee body butter literally has me feeling bad and boujee every time I wear it 😍. I love the way my body glistens and feels soft after applying the body butter. It also keeps my skin glowing and moisturized ALL DAY! (Yes you’ve read that right, I don’t have to reapply!) Not only does it smell great but it’s easy to rub on my skin unlike most body butters because the texture is so smooth. Highly recommend, you won’t regret it!