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Bomani Body Oil

Bomani Body Oil

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Experience QuiSentials' Bomani Body Oil - a body oil that fully moisturizes your skin while awakening the Strong Warrior within. 

Intention: We call on the warriors in our ancestry. Imbue us with your tact, strength of mind, body and character. Journey with us as we meet new levels and come into our unique greatness. And so it is!

The Magic: Hemp-Water element, visions, deeper meditation. Teakwood-holy wood, blessings. Bay Leaf-Fire element, protection, strength, healing

Use: Best used immediately after showering for maximum effect. Reach for this oil when there are circumstances that require more of your mental or physical strength.

Writing Prompt: What characteristics do you have when you feel your strongest? How does it feel when you perform at your best? What spiritual practices do you partake in that affirm your sense of self worth?

Bomani is Malawi for strong warrior.


The Skin:

Pine & Teakwood- soothes skin & helps skin cells look fresher

Hemp Seed & Ginger - Moisturizes and helps with patchy dryness

Fennel & Bay Leaf - Vitamins for your skin, improves texture and rejuvenates.



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