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Christmas Kiss Soy Candle

Christmas Kiss Soy Candle

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Make everyday Christmas and indulge in the decadent scents of mint chocolate with QuiSentials' Christmas Kiss soy candle. Featuring peppermint essential oil, along with other alluring fragrances, this candle contains real flower petals and comes in a luxurious 8 oz glass jar with a unique bark design and lid.

8 oz candle. All candles come with an oak candle coaster of various sizes, shapes and colors, based on a natural source that practices sustainability.

Intention: We call on assistance from the unified field of Oneness. Help us to remember a time of enjoyment, belonging, laughter, and fun. Help us to remember that everyday is a gift, and allow us to be present. Fill us with unconditional love. And so it is!

Writing Prompt: What feelings come up for me even hearing the word "Christmas?" What new traditions of the season can I incorporate for myself and my own family or friends? In what ways am I a gift to myself?

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