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EarlyBird Body Butter

EarlyBird Body Butter

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Transform your skin with our Vanilla Coffee Butter, featuring coconut, sweet orange, lavender and Shea. Wake up your skin with the proven benefits of coffee, which helps decrease the appearance of cellulite and scarring. Essential oils provide a boost to help you take on the day with confidence and radiance.

Intention: We call on the strength of our higher selves, the us that has existed longer than our physical bodies. Show us the ways in which we are asleep and the ways in which we need to awaken. Embolden us to feel our feelings and welcome the invigoration of our truths. And so it is!

The Magic: Coffee-transcend the material world, boost your intention, dispels nightmares, bring clarity and speediness. Vanilla-water element, mental powers, Venus. Sweet orange-love fruit, money, good fortune.

Writing Prompt: Over the past month, how have you been numbing out? What external things have you distracted from your emotions? TV, social media, Mary, alcohol, sex, gossip, etc.? What practices would allow you to align, accept and work through your feels?

The Skin: Give your skin a wake up call!


reduces the appearance of cellulite & inflammation; great after sun care

calming effect & can reduce appearance of scarring

Sweet Orange
Vitamin C, collagen production & blood flow

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it!

Absolutely love the early bird butter it’s so rich and luxurious makes me feel like money love to put in on in the morning after my bath the coffee scent is just enough😍

This is it

This left me feeling really smooth and it actually gave my skin shin that lasts and it gives a natural glow. Now even in the heat part of the day with the sun beaming it doesn’t dry out my skin or make me feel oily or filmy… I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!