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Goddess Waters Bath Soak

Goddess Waters Bath Soak

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Goddess Waters Bath Soak is the perfect way to de-stress and recharge. Formulated with natural ingredients that are both relaxing and energizing, it's perfect for those moments when you need a break. Enjoy the soothing aroma and enjoy the balanced effects for total body rejuvenation.

Get back in touch with the person you use to know, or start growing the person you want to be! QuiSentials Goddess Waters Bath Soak is a Himalayan salt, Milk and herbal bath for relaxation and healing. Healing is always at the top of my list when creating products! 

🌹QuiSentials Goddess Waters Bath Soak has enchanting orange peel oil, ginkgo biloba extract, evening primrose, sunflower petals, rose petals and more! 🥀

Ideal for cramps, soreness, emotional release, prayer, beauty and self love! 

Be intentional when building your bath, and see where this powerful practice takes you!

Time to Love on YOU! You owe it to yourself. 

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