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Her Yoni Oil

Her Yoni Oil

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What do you do to take care of "Her?" Hasn't she helped take care of you? :) QuiSentials Her Yoni Oil is a moisturizing oil for vaginal health.

Many have always believed that she doesn't require any assistance, but this blend of oils was specially crafted to address common concerns such as dryness, PH imbalance, odor, razor bumps, and ingrown hair. Seeking more elasticity or relief from tearing? In need of a post-shave oil that's not overly sweet or flowery? Maybe you're craving something new and exciting? This yoni oil has got you covered.

Intention: We call on the Divine Feminine to send healing energies through our portals, our sacred chakras and our heart. Let the healing light clear what never belonged to us to keep, protect our creative space and shift us into a flow so free that we attract all that is meant for our highest good in whatever point we are in, in our lives. And so it is! 

The Magic: Hemp seed oil-vision, deeper intuition. Jasmine-Vishnu, the Moon, Prophetic dreams. Damiana-aphrodisiac, lust, love. Lavender-peace, happiness, Mercury, Longevity. Geranium-Venus, Fertility, protection.

Use: This can be used on every part of your yoni (inside and out), inner thighs for chafing, dryness, after shave, for a nice glow for that close up pic *wink, wink* ,as lubricant (extra birth control method necessary as with any oil based lubricant). 

The Skin:


The natural skin tightener


Natural aphrodisiac that predates written history


The gentle soother and anti-bacterial

Hemp seed Oil

non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores and provides moisture all day long.

 This comes in a 2 oz bottle!

Love on You, by loving on Her!


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Customer Reviews

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OMG I love this oil. Great for balancing Ph and eliminating odors during that time of the month. Been using for a couple of months now, no complaints!


I tell u what this ish works. It also helps with not only tightening but wetness as well. Don’t get me wrong we be glowing but I noticed but didn’t think he would notice but he even said it’s wetter lol i give in 10 stars and it smells really good BUT the thing I love is that it mixes well with your natural body arousal scent do he couldn’t tell I used something!!! Thank you