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Oil 825

Oil 825

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***For external use only***
Oil 825 is QuiSentials essential clove oil blend formulated for muscles, cramping and minor aches and pains. This is the perfect after hot bath rub down oil to help release the tension and soreness. Add this to your after workout or after work routine. Oil 825 features clove, ginger, peppermint & hemp seed essential oils.

Give your muscles some 825!


Clove essential oil, grandma's secret.  Clove gives you a mild numbing sensation.


Peppermint essential oil has naturally occurring menthol that provides a cooling effect on your achy parts.


Soothes and provides a fresh aroma that awakens your senses.
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Customer Reviews

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Le Tresor LLC
Oil 825

Your products are absolutely amazing. I have been using this oil that is intended for pain relief as hair growth oil and I’m glad I did. This oil has caused rapid growth for me. I use it every three days and notice growth each time I use it. I would love to stock this item and have it on my shelves. Please contact me if interested. Absolutely Amazing!!!


Understandable that this worked for hair growth It has all the same essentials I put in the oil I make for my own hair. That would be awesome! Reaching out to you now at the email you provided.

Peggy H.
Helped me out

I used on my knees after cycling. It helped.