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Pumpkin Country Bumpkin

Pumpkin Country Bumpkin

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šŸPumpkin Country BumpkinšŸ‚

A beautifully nourishingĀ butter with pumpkin, clove, and coffee essential oils. This is a Mango and Shea all over moisturizing body butter that will make you feel warm, vibrant and ready for the coming seasons. It also has gold mica for a subtle extra glow!

The air is getting dryer, so adding an ultra-rich body butter to your daily skin routine will keep your skin protected throughout the day.

Smells like: Pumpkin spice, a little latte, notes of caramel, brown sugar, clove and cinnamon

Intention: Let this butter warm the heart, mind, and soul of the person giving, receiving or wearing this. Let it bring fond memories, help us to reflect and manifest the changes for the new year! And so it is.

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