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Rude Gal Body Oil

Rude Gal Body Oil

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Unleash your inner island gal with QuiSentials Rude Gal Body Oil! This all-over body oil is perfect for confident, rule-breaking women who know how to command attention and embrace their femininity. Don't be mistaken, this isn't for "rude girls," this is for those who dare to be bold and stand out in a crowd.

Intention: We call from the unified field of Oneness, to support us on our self-love remembrance. May we awaken the unapologetic versions of ourselves and no longer dim our lights. We are bold, standing firmly in the power of our intuition. We are one with our physical, mental, spiritual and sexual bodies. And so it is!

Use: Rub on oil for all-day moisture or before going out. This can also be used to embolden you to stand in your truth, however that may look for you.

The Magic: Pineapple-Fire element, Sun, luck, money. Strawberry-Water element, Venus, love, luck. Damiana-Fire element, love, desire, visions, Mars. Grapefruit-restore inner power and intuition.

Writing Prompt: Where did you learn that you had to be more quiet? How is suppressing your feelings serving you now? Why? Who are you when you are standing firmly in your power?

The Skin:

Pineapple & Strawberry Essential Oils - strengthen skin & soothes everyday irritations. Fruity scent that makes you feel just as delicious as you smell. 

Damiana & Pink Grapefruit - an ancient aphrodisiac; clean and clear your blemishes while you moisturize right out of a nice shower

Patchouli & Hemp Seed -reduces the appearance of any skin imperfections and hemp seed oil locks in moisture for all day.

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