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Rude Gal Body Oil

Rude Gal Body Oil

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QuiSentials Rude Gal Body Oil - an all over body oil that brings out the island gal in you. Everybody knows a rude gal (not to be confused with a rude girl ) takes charge, is confident in her own femininity, challenges the norm and steals the gaze! 

Wake up the Rude Gal in you!


Pineapple & Strawberry Essential Oils - strengthen skin & soothes everyday irritations. Fruity scent that makes you feel just as delicious as you smell.


Damiana & Pink Grapefruit - an ancient aphrodisiac; clean and clear your blemishes while you moisturize right out of a nice shower

Patchouli & Hemp Seed -  reduces the appearance of any skin imperfections and hemp seed oil locks in moisture for all day.

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